2018 — On the search for the danger and wonder that comes with being human. “I am a woman, I live and exist in the city, this is where I find my happiness and my opportunities. See how I am afraid and cowardly, yet sometimes courageous. How I fail, and how I succeed.”

Wende approached renowned writers such as Dimitri Verhulst, Arnon Grunberg and Typhoon, to work together on new stories and songs about what is means to be human at this time. A time where we seem to be left to our own devices more than ever, facing our fears, and the question of how we should deal with everything happening around us. Together with these writers, she began a search for the beauty, the ugliness, the danger and the wonder inherent in being human. She sings about her own fears, loneliness, questions, love, country, and city. The result is an intimate, surprising and confronting journey through a life full of miniature stories.

In this way, Wende returns to her roots in a modern fashion: back to the chanson, a song form that knows how to reach the core of humanity more than any other.

Produced by: Stichting Wende in coproduction with Muziektheater Transparant and in collaboration with Theatergroep Oostpool.
Concept: Wende, Chloe Lamford, Marcus Azzini
Director: Marcus Azzini
Set design: Chloe Lamford
Musicians: Yan en LudoWic
Visual design: Timothy Bird
Light design: Jantje Geldof
Sound design: Bob Willekens
Costumes: Dieuweke van Reij
Visuals: Romy Treebusch

This project is brought to you through the support of the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Amsterdam Performing Arts Fund.

De Volkskrant: “Her vulnerability blends perfectly with music and audio visual technicality of world class. There is no escaping Wende.”

NRC: “A singing Wende beats all the rest.”

Telegraaf: “An evening of another class.”

Parool: “… with theatre programme, her penetrating songs and beautiful lyrics, Wende offers perspective to every lost soul.”