2010 — Grand theatre tour with band, string ensemble, choir, culminating at the Royal Carré Theatre, Amsterdam. The result was recorded on a dvd and live cd: Carré.

The result was recorded on a dvd and live cd: Carré.
‘Carré’ is a dazzling combination of music and theatre. Electronic sounds go hand in hand with a classical string ensemble, spectacular beats go effortlessly across in demure fragile songs. Everything is in the service of the intensity, which is the trademark for everything Wende let us hear and see.
Songs of this tour and dvd/live cd Carré. are taken from the album. No. 9. No.9 stands for experimentalism, fire, loneliness and trying to connect.

Press about Carré:

“Whatever form she chooses, she can do everything and it works enchanting.”

(…) “the most fairytale-like music performance of recent years in a Dutch theatre.”

Oor – Music Magazine
“The girl with those French songs has become a versatile theater animal that manages to convince in all styles and drop a tour de force of a caliber that we rarely have seen in Netherlands.”

HP/De Tijd
“What a voice, what a songs, what a woman! One of the most baffling shows that ever in the Dutch theatres have been shown.”