Wende's Kaleidoscope

2018 — On the 4th of October Wende organised her own festival, ‘Wende’s Kaleidoscope’, in Theatre Carré in Amsterdam.

The audience were invited to join her on a journey, falling from one world into another. From a concert to modern dance, from a lecture to a fashion show. Aside from Wende herself there were performances from artists including Blaudzun, the National Opera & Ballet, David Laport and Jeangu Macrooy.

Wende on ‘Wende’s Kaleidoscope’: “If there is a place where a vast richness of variety can come together, then it’s Carré. Next to this, it’s simply a beautiful hall. I have been extremely honoured to work there as artist in residence for the past few years, and in this festival we aim to show our love for bringing together diversity.”