Dutch Doubles

2018 — A project by the National Opera & Ballet in collaboration with Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. She choreographed the performance upon music by Last Resistance, with 32 dancers and the Ballet Orchestra.

Last Resistance – world premiere Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Music: Wende
Arranger/orchestrator: Marijn van Prooijen
Ask The Tree, Black Feather,
Last Resistance, The Garden,
Nude, Devil’s Pact
Wende (vocals)
LudoWic (bass guitar and electronics)
Dave van den Dries (percussion)
Maarten van Damme (guitar)


“Last Resistance exploits performance and dance to the full” – Financial Times

“The power of a music video with the intimacy of theater” – TrouwAmsterdam

“Wende turns the ballet canon upside down” – Cultureel Persbureau

“Ballet rocks with Wende” – Noordhollands Dagblad

“Last resistance brought the house down with a long standing ovation” Dancetab

“From beginning to end, Last Resistance keeps the viewer in suspense” – Resmusica