WENDE is back in the theatre. From February, 29th. until May, 8th. WENDE will play LAST RESISTANCE – The Theatre Sessions. Read more

A new Wende, a new sound
Seen on 23/1 in Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Read more

For years, Wende Snijders worked in theatres where she mainly performed work by Brel and Brecht, but in recent years, she has been writing her own material. Last Resistance is her most extreme album yet, with lots of forceful electronica and robust orchestrations. Powerful, assertive and outspoken. (Tathata Music/BMG) (BS)

4 stars out of 5

WENDE, ‘Last Resistance’

‘You come with a lot of questions / you’re asking a lot of things / you’re asking what your future will bring’. From the first note of her new album ‘Last resistance’, Wende Snijders shows that she has taken yet another new step in her musical adventure. In her opening song ‘Ask the tree’, she raps on a heavy bed of electronica and Eastern sounds about everything she finds wrong with the world. Read more

Live review of The Berlin Sessions
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Friday, the 1st of November, WENDE will release her latest CD ‘Last Resistance’ on vinyl. It will be a very exclusive double album. The first LP contains the album of ‘LAST RESISTANCE’, the second LP contains four remixes of Mason, Michel de Hey, T. Raumschmiere and Ben Lauber. Read more

On January, 23rd WENDE will play her ‘LAST RESITANCE clubshow THE BERLIN SESSIONS’ in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Her album LAST RESISTANCE will be released in Belgium on November, 22nd. Distribution will be done by BMG Rights Management/Rough Trade. Read more

19.09.2013New video: Devil’s Pact

Devil’s Pact is the new video coming from the album LAST RESISTANCE

‘We’re in a musical playground’
With ‘Last Resistance’, Wende has gone in a completely new direction… Again. “I could spend my whole life in theatres churning out the same old music, but that’s not who I am. I’m far too curious to do that.” The singer’s words – having taken to the controls to produce this latest album for herself.

By Rinke den Os (Wegener Media)

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05.08.2013WENDE @ APPELPOP

On September, 14th. Wende will play on the 22nd edition of Appelpop. She will play her first concert with a full band since the release of her album LAST RESISTANCE in May 2013. This concert will give a taste of her club tour in October 2013: The Berlin Sessions.

Mc Blossom Stage: 18.00 Read more