Starting this season, Carré and multi-talent Wende Snijders are entering into an artistic partnership. Wende will be the artist in residence at this renowned theatre on the Amstel. She will have her own workspace within the theatre, and on 17, 18, and 19 May of next year, she will give an exclusive reprise of her sold-out production MENS.

PRESS RELEASE Amsterdam, 24 august 2017
Mens is running until the end of 2017 in sold-out venues throughout the country. In 2018 Wende will perform this show specially in Carré, on 17, 18 and 19 May. This special will show the first results of the artistic residency that Wende will begin this season in Carré. She will have the use of her own workspace within the theatre, right next to the hall that is so precious to her. There are already ideas for future collaborative projects with Wende involved in the programming. Carré will becomes Wende’s creative home. Of course, she will continue to perform on other stages in the Netherlands and Amsterdam.
Madeleine van der Zwaan, director of Carré: “Wende and Carré fit together perfectly. Every day of the year, we welcome artists and bring their work and our audiences together. However, there are other ways to invest in the creative dialogue between Carré and her artists. During one of our inspirational conversations the idea came up to give Wende her own workspace, a home away from home, where she can develop her own projects to then bring to the wider world. Wende is just as versatile and multi-disciplinary as Carré. A professional with an incredible energy; intense and authentic. Having an artist in residence creates a permanent conversation about art and its quality. The separation between the creative process and its presentation is reduced, and I think that’s important. Wende is a connector, and will now inspire the people within as well as outside of Carré.”
Wende: “My mother first took me to Carré when I was eleven years old. I remember clearly that I already had dreams of being able to perform on that beautiful stage, and now I’m always thankful to bring my shows to Carré: the audience, the hall, the energy that you feel there… It has something magical, and performing here always feels like taking part in the Olympics. I love the diversity in programming at Carré, as I always like to go through all kinds of different genres in my own work. I’m looking forward to being able to work in the theatre every day; I’ll be able to keep my finger on the pulse and feel ‘this is why I do it’. The creative process is sometimes a little lonely. Now if I’m stuck I can just walk into the hall; scenery is being hung, there’s a sound check or rehearsal in progress, I can meet other artists – this is an inspiring prospect. It’s amazing, my dreams have come true.”


On March 2 WENDE presents her new album ‘MENS’, an album entirely in Dutch. On ‘Mens’, songs from Wende’s successful 2017 theatre production of the same name are further developed musically, allowing her confronting lyrics and daring electronic sounds to appear richer and more urgent than ever. This album is the starting point for a tour throughout pop stages, festivals and selected theatres – including an exclusive reprise of MENS on May 17, 18 and 19 in the Royal Carré Theatre, where Wende is this year’s Artist in Residence. her album is distributed by [PIAS]. Read more

After the roaring success of her new production MENS and the overwhelming demand for tickets, Wende will reprise her tour in November 2017 throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Ticket sales for this autumn tour open today.

MENS premiered on March 2, to a full hall in Paradiso. After a stream of rave reviews, the rest of the tour – which runs until May – sold out in no time. The new tour will begin on October 31, and ends with a grand finale in Paradiso on November 25.

14.03.2017VRIJ ME

On March, 2nd. WENDE SINGS MENS premiered at Paradiso – Amsterdam.
Herewith the press quotes of the newspapers:

De Volkskrant | “Her vulnerability fits perfectly into this show, with music and audio visual technology of world class. With Wende there is no escape. “

NRC | “A singing Wende tops all the rest.”

Telegraaf | “A top class night.”

Parool |” … with its theatre programme, probing songs and beautiful lyrics Wende Snijders offers perspective to every wandering soul.” Read more

On March 2 2017 the new production âMENSâ by Wende will premiere in Paradiso Amsterdam.
For this event, extra tickets have been made available.
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01.01.2017Happy New Year!

Some songs need to be sung every day: “Als de liefde niet bestond” (When love did not exist).
Live @ the Royal Theatre Carré, on the memorial day of Toon Hermans “Toon 100”.
Dear people, I wish you all a beautiful 2017!

On the 14th of December, Wende will be performing in New York with ‘Wende sings Winterreise’ at the venue National Sawdust.

For more info on the showcase: National

National Sawdust, an artist-led, non-profit venue in Brooklyn, New York, is a place for exploration and discovery. Executive Director/Creative Director Paola Prestini has invited Wende and Gerard Bouwhuis to perform within their
yearly Winterreise Festival. To further strengthen this collaboration and provide support for professional
development, National Sawdust is considering Wende to be Artist in Residence in 2017.

This showcase is supported by the Netherland – America Foundation. Read more

Wende is going on tour again with her new production MENS

Looking for the danger and the wonder of what it means to be a human being.

“I am a woman, I live my life in the city, this is where I find my opportunities and my happiness. See how I am scared and spineless, yet sometimes courageous. How I fail, and how I overcome.”

*In the spring of 2017, Wende will tour throughout the Netherlands and Belgium with her new show MENS.
The première will take place on 2 March 2017 in Paradiso, Amsterdam.*

This production is co production by Stichting WENDE and ‘Muziektheater Transparant’. Read more

15.09.2016Wende goes to Germany

On sunday, September 18th, at 5pm , Wende will play her first open air show in Germany. She will be accompanied by Maarten van Damme, Thijs Lodewijk and the Red Limo String Quartet. Read more