14.05.2013 — Quotes from album reviews of LAST RESISTANCE

“It’s been a long time since I was so gripped by a pop album as I have been by Last Resistance….
It feels dark without sounding sombre. And the songs have multiple layers, yet their beautiful melodies keep them accessible.
This record has a sound entirely of its own and is atmospheric and alluring in equal measure.”
(Saskia Bosch – Trouw)

“Wende has rediscovered herself once again on this album. And how! She gives in to the unknown, with the resolute encouragement of her two German producers in Berlin. ‘Last Resistance’ throbs with pulsing rhythms and songs that almost put listeners into a trance. Wende sings stories with her voice and the music never stops drawing you in… A world-class album.”
(Fred Hoogendoorn – Noordhollands Dagblad)

“A great pop record that’s a bit different from the rest.”
(Belinda Jansen – Veronica Magazine)

“More brutal, more theatrical and definitely more eclectic. Another high point in her career.”
(Ruud Verkerk – Platomania)

“Last Resistance isn’t so much a continuation of No. 9, rather it’s a step forward. Snijders is sometimes vocally reminiscent of Anouk in these songs, in terms of her volume and energy, whilst the songs themselves are good enough to hit the charts.”
(Pierre Oitmann –

“Wende has made an exceptional album. Her songs are diary entries that are so personal and naked that they imprint themselves on your soul.”
(John Oomkes – Zin)

“All the facets of her not insubstantial talent have come to the surface on Last Resistance. Whilst everyone holds their breath for the new Anouk, Wende storms in from progressive left with a masterpiece, Last Resistance.”
(Jean-Paul Heck –

“Wende has successfully made a musical transformation yet again with Last Resistance. Like an artistic chameleon, she manages to renew her musical style, or styles, time and again and to challenge herself to keep adding fresh elements to her body of work.”
(Robert Schuurman – Written in music)

“Last Resistance is a brilliant album. It has an international allure. In the best European tradition, whilst original enough to hear that it wasn’t made ten or twenty years ago. There are not many artists in the Netherlands who are able (or want, or dare) to do what Wende does. That makes this album even more exceptional.”

“Beautiful, small songs and solid electronica go hand in hand and Wende manages it all with ease.
It is lovely to hear a musician like Wende refusing to be pigeon-holed and simply going her own way. She doesn’t pay any attention to what others expect from her and allows herself to freely experiment with all kinds of musical styles. And the amazing thing is, whether it’s a grand, dramatic song (‘Threat of Happiness’) or a small, sensitive song (‘Goodbye’), Wende can do all of it. Hats off to her!”
(Gabriella van Karsbergen –

‘We’re in a musical playground’
With ‘Last Resistance’, Wende has gone in a completely new direction… Again. “I could spend my whole life in theatres churning out the same old music, but that’s not who I am. I’m far too curious to do that.” The singer’s words – having taken to the controls to produce this latest album for herself.

By Rinke den Os (Wegener Media)

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05.08.2013WENDE @ APPELPOP

On September, 14th. Wende will play on the 22nd edition of Appelpop. She will play her first concert with a full band since the release of her album LAST RESISTANCE in May 2013. This concert will give a taste of her club tour in October 2013: The Berlin Sessions.

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WENDE’S new album, LAST RESISTANCE, was released on 10 May. The record was given an enthusiastic reception by both the media and the public, and entered the Top 100 Chart last Friday at # 5. Today, Wende is announcing her new club tour, The Berlin Sessions. Read more


The fourth studio album LAST RESISTANCE of Wende will be presented in the MELKWEG in Amsterdam om 9 May Read more



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LAST RESISTANCE release in 2 configurations

The New album will be released May, 10th and will be released in 2 configurations. Read more

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LAST RESISTANCE is the new album of WENDE and will be released in May 2013. Read more