CARRÉ was Wende’s third live album, which she brought out on CD/DVD in October 2011.
It’s a recording of her No. 9 theatre tour, on its closing night at Carré, when she played the concert to a fully-booked auditorium at the theatre.
The audience is treated to a glittering performance which is a potent mix of both music and theatre. Electronic sounds and spectacular beats go hand in hand with a classical string ensemble and delicate piano pieces.
Alongside the No. 9 repertoire in English, and two tracks in Dutch, ADEM UIT and DE WERELD BEWEEGT, the track list also includes four new tracks: SLOWLY, AS THE LADY WALKS ALONG, UNDERNEATH and SOFT SUMMER SYMPHONY.
Special arrangements and orchestration by: Joost van den Broek.

Disc 1

  1. Wonderful (organ)
  2. Slowly
  3. Rip The Ribbon
  4. The Bakery
  5. Hey
  6. As The Lady Walks Along
  7. New York is Passing By
  8. De Wereld Beweegt
  9. Sycamore Tree
  10. Underneath
  11. Beautiful Song
  12. Hey
  13. Adem Uit
  14. Soft Summer Symphony
  15. The Moon Is Out
  16. Roses In June
  17. Yes We Can
  18. Wonderful

Disc 2

  1. Roses In June
  2. Slowly
  3. Rip The Ribbon
  4. De Wereld Beweegt
  5. Underneath
  6. As The Lady Walks Along
  7. New York Is Passing By
  8. Soft Summer Symphony
  9. The Moon Is Out
  10. Adem Uit.