The 23rd of October 2009 saw the release of Wende’s first full English-language album with the name No.9. It is her most personal work as of yet, she wrote and produced all of the songs herself with the help of her musical mainstay Jan van Eerd. No.9 represents experimental drive. No.9 represents fire, loneliness and the search for a personal connection. Communicating through her own lyrics and music. Sprung from inspiration gathered across the world and, once back home in Amsterdam, transformed into song. Naked. Close. Along with Jan van Eerd and Reyn Ouwehand she compiled it all with No.9 as the result.


  1. Dream
  2. Wonderful
  3. Break My Heart
  4. Roses In June
  5. Exhale
  6. NY Is Passing By
  7. Sycamore Tree
  8. The Moon Is Out
  9. Hey
  10. Sunday Morning
  11. Yes, We Can
  12. Beautiful Song