Quand Tu Dors


On June 4th Wende presented her first album in the Panama club (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), in September she started her first tour across the theaters. The basis of her debut album, which Wende would rather have made later on in her career, was found in her live repertoire; a combination of classics (Ne me quitte pas and La valse a mille temps from Brel, La solitude and Le mal de vivre from Barbara and Paif’s Padam padam) and lesser known pieces (Bécaud’s Je t’attends, Piaf’s Je sais comment, Brel’s Ça va) from the literary chanson. Besides that Wende familiarized herself with the works of the famous French poet Jacques Prévert and added music to several of his pieces. This is how Wende’s versions of Je suis comme je suis, Quand tu dors en Fiësta (which is part of 28 aoùt 99 on the album) were created.

Teacher Joost Prinsen pointed out to Wende that Je suis comme je suis had been very successful for Juliette Gréco, to the music of Joseph Kosma. It didn’t withhold Wende to put her own composition on the album, very dissimilar from the Gréco version. Wanting to add a Dutch language song to her repertoire, she chose one of the most famous (and beautiful) chansons of Dutch origin: Telkens Weer, by Friso Wiegersma and Ruud Bos. The French version of Chaque Fois turned out to be the signature piece on this incredible debut album.

A bold and cheeky CD on which the original compositions are in no way inferior to the classics, which Wende has made her own. Wende presents herself as an important promise for the future in the steadily decreasing list of chansonières. After Ute Lemper there is finally another: Wende.


  1. Je Suis Comme Je Suis (1:35)
  2. Quand Tu Dors (4:11)
  3. Chaque Fois (Telkens Weer) (4:04)
  4. Padam Padam (3:30)
  5. Je T'attends (4:38)
  6. Je Sais Comment (4:04)
  7. Ca Va (Le Diable) (3:13)
  8. Le Mal De Vivre (5:42)
  9. Paris Canaille (4:07)
  10. La Valse À Mille Temps (3:49)
  11. 28 Août '99 (1:17)
  12. Ne Me Quitte Pas (4:21)
  13. La Solitude (3:20)
  14. La Quête (3:27)